In the years 1931-1932 people started worshiping in different homes in the community. After meeting in homes for a while some of the men went to talk to Alfred Swann who owned the land and an old building that was formally used as a school house, named Flat Woods School, if they could use this building to have church in. He agreed and also gave one acre of property with the building if they would use it as a Missionary Baptist Church and name it after his family by calling it Swann’s chapel.

In 1933 the church was organized with 9 charter members. In 1934 trees were cut down behind the church to use for shingles and benches for the new addition to the old school house. The first Bible School was held in 1938, had 20 enrolled. This was a highlight of the year and Bible School is still a big part of our church today.

In 1944 the need arose to build a new church. A new block building was built and served as our meeting place for the next 33 years. Many improvements and changes were made down through the years. In 1963-1964 restrooms were added to the front of the building also the bell was added at this time. This bell was given by the Swann’s Family and is still rung every Sunday morning.

The present sanctuary was completed in 1977, with seating capacity of approximately 350 people, few years later the steeple was added. A much needed fellowship hall was built in 1982. In 1991 the baptistery was added to the church. In 2004 the drive thru canopy was added to the east side of the church.

In 2010 it was apparent that we needed a larger building to accommodate our people. In May 2010 we started a new building to be used for church functions. This building is our Activity Building. It was completed and dedicated to the Lord and Church in June 2011.